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OSHA compliant safety railing

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Proctor Fabrication ornamental railing

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Railing is what we're best at. Our company can customize what we fabricate based on your demands and needs. We provide anything you may need from onsite welding to structural steel installation. If you would like to see some of the set options available, 

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How are these railings made?

Proctor Fabrication's process involves a few steps:

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OSHA compliant railing

What does OSHA compliant mean? It means that our railings follow OSHA's guidelines regarding railing meant for a workplace. Their guidelines primarily involve height and strength of a railing, which we follow and exceed. 


Proctor Fabrications offers powder coated safety railing. Powder coating is resistant to rust, cracking, abrasion, peeling and damage due to chemical exposure. Although it isn’t invulnerable, it is still extremely durable. Powder coating maintains color and gloss, goes on consistently, has great UV strength and is an environmentally friendly option compared to traditional liquid paint.

There are two main reasons we use powder coating instead of traditional liquid coatings:

• Toughness - Powder coating has a hard finish that is stronger than conventional paint. Along with this, powder coating is capable of fabricating thicker layers that are thicker than other conventional liquid coatings, and does not sag or run.

• Environmental and cost friendly - This type of coating has no solvents and releases none or a small amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the atmosphere. So, to finish a powder coat, there is not a need to buy expensive pollution control equipment. Ultimately, this reduces the price of powder coating. 

What are the key differences between these types of railing?

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